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Adsensys offers complete solutions for modular and scalable green hydrogen production, storage, (local) use. We also offer the solution to deliver the stored hydrogen back to the grid as energy. We take care of the engineering of the hydrogen projects, installation and maintenance.

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The people behind Adsensys are experienced experts with a passion for green hydrogen. The combination of experience and passion means that our experts always find a solution that fits your ideas and can provide you with innovative and suitable advice.


Adsensys is a specialist in hydrogen solutions. From production, storage and ( local ) use to supplying green energy back to the grid, to green hydrogen for mobility or other applications. At Adsensys everything revolves around green hydrogen.


Adsensys is always working to fit the latest innovations into its solutions. Consequently, Adsensys collaborates with leading partners such as Enapter.


Both in delivering our products and in communicating to client, we are fast and effective. Clarity and transparency are our top priorities!

“We believe that with our solutions we can provide affordable green hydrogen and with this locally produced green hydrogen we can make a significant contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint and accelerating the energy transition: The Future is Now!”


The shortage and dependence on fossil fuels combined with the overload of the current energy grid are causing new initiatives to gain momentum. Unlike many, we are not a “new initiative. We have believed for a long time that the production of green hydrogen will be one of the solutions in CO2 reduction. To answer the frequently asked question: How clean is hydrogen anyway? Ours is clean. Even 99.9% clean.

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