About Adsensys

Switching to Green Hydrogen, for many it seems almost unfeasible. At Adsensys we know that this is possible, even on a smaller scale!

Mega wind- or solar parks with next to them mega hydrogen production facilities seem to be the first solution. However, the speed with which these projects must be realized is not in line with the strategy of governments and certainly not in line with our vision to produce affordable, clean, green hydrogen for every sector.

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So what do we actually do?

‘Thinking big, by starting small!’

Adsensys is Skilled

Because of a modular idea to generate hydrogen in a relatively small but scalable way, a partner of Adsensys has developed systems that can be produced quickly and in series. The cores of these systems are completely recyclable because no special metals are used in them and the systems are easily applicable without many modifications in almost any application.

The above gives the possibility of decentralized hydrogen generation at different sizes of solar farms and wind turbines. Excess solar and wind energy that cannot be used on the power grid can be converted directly to hydrogen in this way. This gives the opportunity to put away relatively small hydrogen production facilities throughout the country that relieve the energy grid and can collectively produce large amounts of green hydrogen from green energy to be used locally.

Adsensys is all-round

Adsensys makes the above goal possible by offering complete solutions for modular hydrogen production, storage, use ánd we offer the possibility to return the stored hydrogen as energy to the grid. We take care of engineering the hydrogen projects, installation and maintenance.

We believe that with our solutions we can provide affordable green hydrogen and that with green hydrogen, produced locally, we can make a significant contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint. The Future is Now!

Questions regarding our hydrogen solutions?

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