What applications is hydrogen suited for?

Hydrogen as an energy vector or energy storage seems to be the "missing link" in energy management and the energy transition.

The production, storage and reuse of hydrogen is therefore applicable in different applications in industry, in urban use, as fuel for refueling, for example, or in the agricultural sector.

Adsensys offers different possibilities in applications and in different sectors. Adsensys already has experience with storing the produced hydrogen and using the produced hydrogen again. Every situation is unique! We would therefore like to get in touch with you personally to discuss your questions and requirements. Due to the modular construction of our systems, we almost always have a suitable solution.

Generating hydrogen

Hydrogen is the missing link in the energy transition. Hydrogen generation is still very unclear and complicated to the general public.

Generating hydrogen

Hydrogen fueling stations

The use of hydrogen in the transport sector seems a logical step. Refueling will again be a snap and the vehicle’s range will again be around 500 to 600 km. The number of hydrogen-fueled cars to be delivered will grow in the coming years, and the infrastructure for refueling is being worked hard on.

Hydrogen filling stations

Ammonia from hydrogen

Using the Haber Bosch process, ammonia has been produced from hydrogen and nitrogen from the air around us since 1910. This form of producing hydrogen, by using natural gas as a base and generating steam, is a large consumer of energy.

Ammonia from hydrogen


Storing energy in batteries is possible, only batteries lose capacity over time during battery charging and discharging. In addition, many batteries use rare metals that must be mined with a significant impact on our natural environment. Converting solar energy into hydrogen as a battery is a more sustainable solution!

Solar energy


By placing a hydrogen production facility on wind farms, the energy that cannot be purchased as wind power can be used to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen produced can then be stored and used for various applications!


Hydrogen use in the agricultural sector

The Dutch ambition is to switch completely to the use of renewable energy by 2050. The agricultural sector is an important pillar in this. When it comes to generating green energy, many agricultural companies are already well ahead of the rest of the business sector in the Netherlands.

Agricultural sector

Questions about hydrogen solutions?

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