Ammonia from Hydrogen

Using the Haber Bosch process, ammonia has been produced from hydrogen and nitrogen from the air around us since 1910. This process works optimally at a very high pressure and heat, making the energy requirement for producing ammonia significant. Because this process requires 3 times as much hydrogen as nitrogen, the production of hydrogen from natural gas is commonly used. Methane from natural gas is converted to carbon monoxide and hydrogen by steam (water). The carbon monoxide is then again converted by water back into hydrogen and CO2.

This form of producing hydrogen, by using natural gas as a base and generating steam, is a large consumer of energy. About 200 million tons of ammonia are produced per year with an energy requirement of about 1.5% of total energy production. The ammonia produced is mostly used for fertilizer production.

Sustainable hydrogen production

The cost of producing green ammonia through the production of hydrogen from wind or solar energy, for example, was about twice as high as producing hydrogen from natural gas in the past, however, this does not take into account rising gas prices, the dwindling supply of natural gas in the Netherlands and the CO2 emissions from this process. With the current pressure on the use of natural gas and the cost of CO2 emissions, generating hydrogen by hydrogen electrolysis from green energy is now equal and perhaps cheaper than the old method. In the Netherlands, the production of energy from solar cells or wind energy alone is not always stable, and thus the guarantee of producing hydrogen from 100% green energy is a lot more complicated.


Our solution for the production of ammonia from hydrogen

By applying modular technology for the generation of hydrogen and the use of EAM technology for the electrolysis process, Adsensys offers a simple but effective and sustainable method for the production of hydrogen as the basis of ammonia. Adsensys is able to supply systems that produce hydrogen with the energy available at the time. All systems are made up of modular hydrogen generators with a small capacity. These can simply be turned on and off depending on the energy available. This makes it possible to configure a system that is able to produce hydrogen with the least possible production of green energy up to the maximum possible. Is the purchase of hydrogen growing or is the supply of green energy increasing? Then the system can easily be expanded with additional hydrogen production capacity.

About Adsensys

Adsensys provides various innovative systems for generating energy using hydrogen from green energy sources. In this we are skilled, all-round, progressive, and work effectively. We supply complete systems and/or individual components depending on your requirements and situation: from the required electrolysers to drying and storage and feed-in. Whether it’s a small system or a 1MW installation, everything is approached modularly, so speed, clarity and transparency are self-evident during a cooperation with us.

Questions regarding our hydrogen solutions?

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