Generating Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the missing link in the energy transition. Generating hydrogen is still very unclear and complicated to the general public. Generating hydrogen is done by splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen, using electricity. This process takes place in an electrolyser.

Adsensys supplies modules and complete systems that excel with unique features such as scalability and efficiency. Added to this is the fact that the core of our system is completely recyclable as no special metals are used. Because the base of our system is mass-produced, the cost compared to other systems is many times lower. This makes it possible to build custom systems that meet the customer’s exact requirements without having to do a full engineering job. This lowers costs and ensures that a hydrogen generator system can be implemented relatively quickly.


A unique package of modules that fits your needs flawlessly

Very roughly, you can see our hydrogen modules Think of our modules as Lego blocks: depending on what we need, we take the suitable blocks (production / drying / water treatment / water preparation) and place them in a 19″ rack or cabinet.

The systems are interconnected a connected so that upon completion only electricity, water and gas supply needs to be connected. If the number of 19″ cabinets becomes too much for a separate room or you prefer to place the system outside, we fit the blocks in a special cabinet for outside or in a container with all necessary safety devices and connections already provided.

Questions regarding our hydrogen solutions?

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