Hydrogen Filling Stations

When we thought of an electric car a few years ago, the range of the car and the possibilities for charging were major stumbling blocks in choosing whether or not to use an electric driven car. This has now changed and the driving distances of most EVs are sufficient to get through a whole day and you can find a charging station in almost every residential area to charge your EV. It is of course not ideal yet, because the speeds at which the batteries are charged differ per vehicle and charging point and it still takes quite a lot of time to charge on the road.

The use of hydrogen in the transportation sector therefore seems a logical step. Refueling can be done in the blink of an eye and the range of the vehicle is again around 500 to 600 km, which means that you no longer have to discuss with your neighbor who can be at the charging station and when. The number of hydrogen-powered cars to be delivered will grow in the coming years, and hard work is underway on the infrastructure for refueling. Just like with charging stations, within a few years nothing will stand in the way of being on the road by means of this sustainable mode of transport.

Sustainable hydrogen refueling

With the growth of the infrastructure, quite a few challenges also arise, such as the question: how do we get the hydrogen to the filling station? It is not possible to generate hydrogen in every location because the current installations are relatively large for the consumption and the amount of hydrogen is currently small. And if this is the case, the question naturally arises where the energy should come from to generate it in a sustainable way.


Our solution for hydrogen filling stations

By applying modular technology for generating hydrogen and using EAM technology for the electrolysis process, Adsensys offers a simple but effective and sustainable method for hydrogen filling stations. Adsensys is able to supply systems that can grow with the demand for the hydrogen to be supplied. By simply preparing the system for expansion, local production can be started for a fraction of the price. In addition, it is easier to use green energy because it is possible to produce hydrogen with minimal energy supply from, for example, wind or sun. The supplied green energy can thus be used as much as possible for the production of hydrogen for the filling station. Is the purchase of hydrogen via the hydrogen filling station growing? Then the system can easily be expanded with additional hydrogen production capacity.

About Adsensys

Adsensys supplies several innovative systems for generating energy using hydrogen from green energy sources. We are skilled, all-round, progressive, and we work effectively. We supply complete systems and/or individual components depending on your wishes and situation: from the required electrolysers to drying and storage and return delivery. Whether it concerns a small system or a 1MW installation, everything is approached modularly, so Speed, clarity and transparency are self-evident during a collaboration with us.

Questions regarding our hydrogen solutions?

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