” In 2020, the Dutch transport sector emitted 22 billion kilograms of CO2 equivalents of greenhouse gases. That’s 11 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions from the Dutch economy.”

Use of Hydrogen for logistics and construction equipment

For the application of hydrogen in mobility, the transport and automotive sector is often considered. Mobility, however, is a much broader concept and it is precisely in the other sectors that there are great opportunities to become more sustainable with very significant advantages over the currently popular electric drives.



About Adsensys

Adsensys supplies several innovative systems for generating energy using hydrogen from green energy sources. We are skilled, all-round, progressive, and we work effectively. We supply complete systems and/or individual components depending on your wishes and situation: from the required electrolysers to drying and storage and return delivery. Whether it concerns a small system or a 1MW installation, everything is approached modularly, so Speed, clarity and transparency are self-evident during a collaboration with us.

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