Hydrogen usa in the agricultural sector

The Dutch ambition is to fully switch to the use of renewable energy by 2050. The agricultural sector is an important pillar in this regard, because decentralized production of green energy and its use can be directly integrated into agricultural operations. When it comes to generating green energy, many agricultural companies already have a big lead over the rest of the business sector in the Netherlands. They often have large unused surfaces for the installation of solar energy, and a windmill at an agricultural company is no longer unique.


But how do you use the generated energy in your business operations if the generated energy is not immediately usable or cannot be supplied to the electricity network? Take, for example, a livestock farm equipped with the latest technologies and using milking robots, the energy produced from, for example, solar panels is done between 8:00 am and a maximum of 8:00 pm. The milking times and thereby the higher energy demand of the livestock farm are between 6:00 am and 9:00 am and between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm and therefore do not match the production moments of green energy.

Producing hydrogen is then a solution, it can easily be produced locally from green energy, stored locally and converted to energy at a later time, for example to milk the cattle, to be used as fuel for the machines or to generate heat. . Meanwhile, the first machines powered by hydrogen, such as tractors and forklifts, are coming onto the market.

Sustainable hydrogen production

Producing and storing hydrogen for own use within the agricultural sector seems to be a solution. However, there is no standard solution for every company. The amount of energy produced, just like the type of business operations, differs per agricultural company. This requires a solution that can be adapted to the wishes and needs in terms of energy generation and use. One company will make more use of hydrogen to again create electrical energy needs when it is needed and not available and the other company will make more use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel for the machines and tractors.


Our solution for the use of hydrogen in the agricultural sector

By applying modular technology for the generation of hydrogen and the use of EAM technology for the electrolysis process, Adsensys offers a simple but effective and sustainable method for the production of hydrogen for the agricultural sector. Adsensys is able to supply systems that produce hydrogen with the energy available at the time. All systems are made up of modular hydrogen generators with a small capacity, which can simply be turned on and off depending on whether energy is available. This makes it possible to configure a system that is able to produce hydrogen with the least possible production of green energy up to the maximum possible. Independent of the supply and demand, a system can be configured that is applicable to any company. Is the decrease in hydrogen growing due to, for example, the growth of the company or the increase in machines and tractors running on hydrogen, or is the supply of green energy increasing? Then the system can easily be expanded with additional hydrogen production capacity.

About Adsensys

Adsensys supplies several innovative systems for generating energy using hydrogen from green energy sources. We are skilled, all-round, progressive, and we work effectively. We supply complete systems and/or individual components depending on your wishes and situation: from the required electrolysers to drying and storage and return delivery. Whether it concerns a small system or a 1MW installation, everything is approached modularly, so Speed, clarity and transparency are self-evident during a collaboration with us.

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