Wind energy is present everywhere today, but it often happens that the energy produced cannot be used on the electricity grid. This means that the precious wind energy produced is wasted, which is a real shame. That is why it is increasingly being decided to install a hydrogen production facility at wind turbines in addition to supplying wind energy to the electricity grids.

Wat is groene waterstof?

Producing hydrogen from a windmill: the benefits

By placing a hydrogen production facility on wind farms, the energy that cannot be used as wind energy can be used to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen produced can then be stored and used for various applications, such as filling stations for cars, trucks, buses or even ships, and producing energy again (if demand exceeds what the windmills produce).

Major advantages of hydrogen production are that it does not require materials that are difficult to obtain and that hydrogen production requires less space than battery production. Finally, hydrogen does not lose energy during storage: the amount of energy will always remain the same.


How does the conversion of wind energy to hydrogen work?

Converting energy from wind turbines into hydrogen is relatively simple, by using the power released by the wind turbines for the production of hydrogen by means of electrolysis, hydrogen can be produced completely in a green way. In contrast to larger electrolysers, our solution offers the advantage that hydrogen can be produced from 2.4 kW of power up to the maximum power that can be delivered. The AEM electrolysers coupled together use the energy supplied to produce hydrogen by switching the maximum number of coupled units by separating water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Our solutions for hydrogen production from windmills

Adsensys applies the AEM technique for the production of hydrogen. All our solutions such as the AEM Multicore make it possible to operate between 3% and 105% of the nominal hydrogen production capacity. Whether it is a system consisting of a capacity of 180Kw or a capacity of 2MW.

This means that the system can adapt to the amount of energy available at any time. This allows all fluctuations that occur during the production of wind energy to be absorbed so that the maximum production capacity of the available electrical power is used.

About Adsensys

Adsensys supplies several innovative systems for generating energy using hydrogen from green energy sources. We are skilled, all-round, progressive, and we work effectively. We supply complete systems and/or individual components depending on your wishes and situation: from the required electrolysers to drying and storage and return delivery. Whether it concerns a small system or a 1MW installation, everything is approached modularly, so Speed, clarity and transparency are self-evident during a collaboration with us.

Questions regarding our hydrogen solutions?

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