Hydrogen production: AEM Cluster 60

The AEM cluster 60 is a complete system where all the preliminary work in terms of engineering has already been done. The system is built in a 30ft container with a system power of 180kW and a hydrogen production of 30Nm3/hour with a quality of 99.999% (with optional dryers).

AEM Cluster 60

The AEM Cluster solutions are fully automated and remotely controlled by means of the energy management system. The 30ft. container has everything necessary for the production of hydrogen already installed so that the container only needs to be connected with venting and flushing pipes, water supply, hydrogen drainage pipes and a mains connection.

AEM Cluster 60

High efficiency

The production of 1000 liters of hydrogen requires approximately 4.8 kW of energy.

Modulair stackable

Multiple containers can be linked together to achieve the maximum hydrogen production required.

Maintenance friendly

External monitoring makes it easy to schedule required maintenance without having to shut down production completely.


Easy installation

All necessities are integrated into a single 30ft container.

Product specifications

Maximum production:
30.000 NL/uur of 64 kg/24 uur
Hydrogen purity:
> 99,9% (>99,999% with optional dryer)
Outlet pressure:
Max. 35 bar
Water specification:
<20 µS/cm (at 25°C) @1-4bar
Size container:
W: 2,44m L: 6,06m H: 2,59m

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