Hydrogen production: AEM MultiCore

With the AEM Multi core solutions, all the preliminary work in terms of engineering has already been done: it is a complete system built in a 40ft container with a system power of 1035kW and a hydrogen production of 210Nm3/hour with a quality of 99.999% with optional dryer. The system is fully automated and can be controlled remotely through the energy management system

The construction work is limited to the connection of ventilation and flushing pipes, water supply, hydrogen discharge pipes and a mains connection.

AEM Multicore
AEM 1MW waterstof productie

Best price and flexibility for renewable energy water electrolysis

Enapter’s off-the-shelf AEM Multicore is less expensive than comparable sized PEM electrolysers (and comparable alkaline systems), and brings together the best of water electrolysis technologies. The AEM Multicore is at the top of the field for rapid response to intermittent renewable energy loads, producing high-performance, high-efficiency hydrogen in any context.

Effortlessly deploy large-scale green hydrogen – at the right price.

AEM MultiCore

High efficiency

Approximately 4.8 kW of energy is required for the production of 1000 liters of hydrogen

Modular stackable

If a single AEM multicore is not sufficient, you can expand per 40ft container

Easy installation

The 40ft container contains all the necessities for the production of sustainable green hydrogen

Flexible production capacity

Despite its maximum capacity of 1MW, this unit can already produce hydrogen from 30 kW of energy supplied

Product specifications

Maximum production:
Production flexibility:
3 – 105% van nominal production
Hydrogen purity:
> 99,999% (with optional hydrogen dryer
Outlet pressure:
max. 35 bar
Water specification:
<20 µS/cm (at 25°C) @1-4bar
0,4Nm3/hour usage (0,2Nm3/hour H2 production)
Size container:
W: 2,438m L: 12,192m H: 2,591m

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