Hydrogen Drying: ENAPTER DRY 2.1

Hydrogen is used in different industries with different applications. As a result, the quality of the hydrogen can vary in every situation. As standard, the ENAPTER EL 2.1 delivers 99.9% pure hydrogen quality, but this is not sufficient in some cases. By using a specially designed dryer it is possible to increase the quality of the hydrogen produced to a purity of 99.999%.

Enapter DRY 2.1

The best hydrogen quality possible

The ENAPTER DRY 2.1 makes it possible to connect 1 or more hydrogen electrolysers to a dryer. This makes it possible to remove water, which is created during the production of hydrogen from energy and water, so that an extremely pure form of hydrogen is created. The maximum capacity of the dryer is five electrolysers.


High efficiency

Due to the internal regeneration principle, the loss of hydrogen is negligible.

Modular switchable

Each Dry 2.1 can be connected with up to 5 pieces of EL 2.1 Hydrogen electrolysers

Maintenance friendly

By means of regeneration of the desiccant, the Dry 2.1 has little to no maintenance


Easy installation

Just like the EAM Electrolyser, the hydrogen dryer is plug and play

Product specifications

Hydrogen purity:
> 99,999% in molar fraction
outlet pressure:
max. 35 barg/8 barg
Hydrogen flow:
35 bar version: 2.500 NL/h
8 bar version: 1.000 NL/h
Inlet Pressure:
35 bar version: 35 barg
8 bar version: 8 barg
Min. inlet quality:
35 bar version: >99,80
8 bar-version: >99,0%
average dewpoint:
< -70 °C, conform ISO14687 (H₂O < 5 ppm, O₂ < 5 ppm)
23 kg
B: 482 × D: 634 × H: 176 mm (4E 19“)

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