Hydrogen Production: ENAPTER EL 4.0

Adsensys offers solutions from the smallest hydrogen production systems to fully customized hydrogen production systems built into containers. Our goal is to operate and install these systems as simply as possible: our customer supplies the electricity and water, we provide the hydrogen.

All our systems are based on the EAM hydrogen electrolyser from Enapter. Adsensys has been working with Enapter for a number of years, which means that there is more than enough knowledge and expertise available to design, build and maintain systems.

Enapter EL 4.0
Waterstof generator

Small design and easy integration options

The EL 4.0 is the latest development in standardization. The small design and easy integration options make this system extremely suitable for small-scale hydrogen production, but this solution is also suitable for large-scale production. In addition, the system is suitable for on-site production of hydrogen for own use and energy storage. Compared to the EL 2.1, this version has become smaller and lighter. This electrolyser also now complies with ISO22734 and has more safety features on board.

Is one module not enough? Easily connect multiple systems to meet your hydrogen production demand or your energy production capacity.


High efficiency

Approximately 4.8 kW of energy is required for the production of 1000 liters of hydrogen

Modular integration

The EL 4.0 makes it possible to link systems from 2 to a virtually infinite number of units

Completely recyclable

The EL 4.0 does not use difficult to obtain and non-degradable materials


Easy installation

The AEM Electrolyser is plug and play and easy to set up using cloud software

Product specifications

Production speed:
500 NL/Hour or 1.0785 kg/24 hour
Hydrogen purity:
99,9% (or > 99,999% with optional dryer)
outlet pressure:
maximum 35 bar
outlet pressure:
W:482 mm D:634 mm H:266 mm (6E 19” rack module)
35 kg

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