Hydrogen production unit for indoor installation

Fully modular hydrogen production system with all accessories in a 19" cabinet for indoor installation.
up to 5 hydrogen generators or integrated with hydrogen dryer for higher quality hydrogen.

All our systems are based on the EAM hydrogen electrolyser from Enapter. Adsensys has been working with Enapter for a number of years, which means that there is more than enough knowledge and expertise available to design, build and maintain systems.

Completely modular setup according to need and quality.

The Hydrogen indoor cabinet is composed on the basis of need and required hydrogen quality.
The cabinet is fully adapted in the number of hydrogen generators, water treatment, hydrogen drying (increase in quality to 99.999% pure hydrogen). If this is not sufficient, we combine several Hydrogen indoor cabinets into a complete solution.

The innovative free dashboard gives you all the information about production speed and power used, possibly supplemented with a display of the stock of hydrogen produced or other special requirements. Everything is available via a PC with an internet connection or your telephone.

More information: Hydrogen Indoor Cabinet Datasheet

Hydrogen indoor cabinet

High efficiency

Approximately 4.8 kW of energy is required for the production of 1000 liters of hydrogen

Modular integration and scalable

The Hydrogen indoor cabinet can be built up completely modularly and can be expanded with multiple hydrogen generators or other components

Completely recyclable

All used hydrogen generators or other components do not use difficult to obtain and non-degradable materials


Easy installation

The hydrogen indoor cabinet is delivered completely plug & play with all necessary connections present on the cabinet.

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