Yeah the word is out!

Adsensys is bringing a MW electrolyser to the Netherlands.

We proudly present the press release that the developer and manufacturer of the electrolyser, Enapter, put out in mid-January!

Below you can read the whole article:

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We received another order for the delivery of an AEM Multicore via our sales and integration partnerย Adsensys. Our megawatt-class electrolyser is to be delivered by Adsensys to a Dutch energy company in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The energy company is a supplier of fuels to B2B customers and operates a significant number of retail stations. Its goal is to create a network of hydrogen filling stations, including production of its own green hydrogen. Adsensys, as a long-term project partner of Enapter, is handling the entire integration process of the AEM Multicore at a hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands. In the past Adsensys has already implemented a hydrogen CHP plant for a residential complex in Rozenburg, the Netherlands.

The AEM Multicore is a cost-effective alternative to traditional megawatt-class electrolysers. It can produce around 450 kilograms of green hydrogen per day. By using several AEM Multicores in parallel, itโ€™s also possible to produce green hydrogen on an industrial scale in the multi-megawatt range.

Our CEOย Sebastian-Justus Schmidtย states: “Especially in the transport sector, the potential for the use of green hydrogen is huge. Weโ€™re pleased to be able to contribute directly to the decarbonisation of road transport with our application-agnostic technology. Our AEM Multicore technology in particular can efficiently and cost-effectively produce the desired quantities of green hydrogen on a large scale on site. This allows the energy from solar and wind power to be stored for later use.โ€

You want to start any kind of green hydrogen project?

Are you ready?

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