Project H2 infusion Roto-Art

Roto-Art is a manufacturer of customer-specific plastic products which are made by means of Rotational Casting.

At Roto-Art, all signals are green. This means in this case that Roto-Art is doing everything to be sustainable. The ambition is to be, as they say themselves, Paris Proof as soon as possible and well before 2050.

Therefore, in mid-2022, Roto-Art made the decision to investigate, through a pilot, the possibilities of greening using hydrogen. This pilot involves blending hydrogen into natural gas which is used in their rotational molding machines. The ultimate goal of Roto-Art is to significantly reduce the use of natural gas and the CO2 emissions of the production by this route.  In this way, the produced products become even more sustainable.

The hydrogen plant offered by Adsensys is designed to supply a single rotational molding machine with different amounts of hydrogen.

In this way it is possible to study how the burner in the furnace reacts to the different percentages of hydrogen in the natural gas. Of course, the process characteristics are also considered to ensure the high quality of the final products.

The energy required to produce the necessary hydrogen is obtained from Roto-Art’s own solar panels. The first calculations show that the available green power is even sufficient to equip all machines with the coupled hydrogen installation after a successful test.

The strong drive of Roto-Art to innovate combined with the expertise of Adsensys ensures that Roto-Art will soon be the first in the industry to use green hydrogen to achieve their sustainable production goals.

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