Rozenburg, The Netherlands

In June 2019, the first hydrogen home heating project officially started in Rozenburg, the Netherlands.

After the first delivery of the complete installation in 2014, Adsensys has adapted the production systems for generating the hydrogen to a new installation consisting of eight hydrogen electrolysers with a total capacity of 20 kW and a daily production of 8 kg of hydrogen with a quality of 99.999% purity. The entire system can be monitored remotely and can be expanded further in the future if desired.

The generated hydrogen is made available to a nearby apartment complex for testing central heating installations on 100% hydrogen, whereby the produced heat is added to the heat network of the apartment complex. The project is a joint initiative with grid operator Stedin, the municipality of Rotterdam and housing association Ressort Wonen. With this project, Stedin and its partners are thinking concretely about the future: the production, distribution and conversion of hydrogen, with the ultimate goal of CO2-free comfort.

Due to the modular construction of the system, it is possible to easily expand the production capacity of the AEM hydrogen generators to meet our customer’s needs or energy surplus.

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