Biogas Odorization System for Ecoson

When building a digester for Ecoson in Son, we immediately thought about what could be done with the biogas produced. The choice was soon made to upgrade part of the gas and then to supply it to the natural gas network in the area. Because biogas itself has no odor and to meet all safety requirements, the Adsensys biogas odorization system was chosen.
Adsensys has developed a THT biogas odorization system in collaboration with DNV GL especially for small amounts of biogas and/or natural gas. This system was delivered to Ecoson to our satisfaction. The biogas odorization system is in this case explained to provide a gas flow with a maximum of 1500Nm3 biogas per hour with THT odorant with a very high accuracy, so no unnecessary THT is wasted and there is a continuous influx of odorant in the gas. which guarantees a better solution in the biogas of the odorant.

Odorisation of, for example, natural gas, biogas or hydrogen

Because conventional biogas odorization systems often work with only one pump, the THT is administered according to the pulsating action of the applied pump, in which case the internal volume of the pump determines the minimum amount of odorant that needs to be injected. Adsensys biogas odorization works by means of a mass flow controller that ensures that if there is a gas flow, the odorant is administered in the correct amount. This method ensures that the odorant is better absorbed by the natural gas or biogas, so that door security can be guaranteed.

The Odorisation system has a modular structure and can be used for both small and large gas flows such as hydrogen, biogas or natural gas, different types of odorant and different pressures. If filled odorant cylinders are used, the specially developed cabinet ensures that there is sufficient airflow in the cabinet to prevent dangerous situations.

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