Power 2 Gas installation in Rozenburg for Stedin and DNV-GL

Initiator Stedin wanted a power 2 gas demonstration project to demonstrate that it is possible to produce natural gas from electricity. Together with DNV GL, a plan was drawn up to create a testing ground in Rozenburg in which electricity is converted into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis. By allowing the hydrogen to react catalytically with CO2, water and Methane are created. The Methane produced from the methanation process is ultimately upgraded by adding CO2 to meet the natural gas specifications.

Adsensys was closely involved in setting up the installation, from the very beginning we contributed ideas about the technical installation, the construction of the reactors and the automation of the project. This ultimately resulted in an order for the construction of two containers containing all the infrastructure for the process, automation, gas treatment and the various measurements.

The power 2 gas project is currently active in Rozenburg and is maintained by Adsensys in collaboration with DNV GL.

The expertise gained by Adsensys with this project and the guidance from Stedin and DNV GL in the application of the reactors and hydrogen generation has ensured that further development has been started to develop a machine on an industrial scale that makes it possible to converting up to 30 MW of energy into usable and easy to store natural gas via power 2 gas. The final installation can be used not only to facilitate power 2 gas, but also, for example, to upgrade syngas that arises from gasification into Methane suitable for the production of LNG or introduction into the natural gas network. In addition, we offer the possibility to test this technique on a small scale by supplying an installation where, if desired, from the generation of hydrogen up to and including the methanation system, are integrated in a single movable system.

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