As a result of the climate and environmental issue, there is a strong worldwide need for more innovation in the field of energy production, distribution and transport, including the use and applicability of hydrogen. The Northern Netherlands is responding to this by setting up the Energy Transition Center (EnTranCe). This energy testing ground brings business, entrepreneurs and educational institutes together to work together on the energy supply of tomorrow.

Adsensys has designed and built a fully automated hydrogen generator for EntranCe, equipped with water treatment, stock supply and delivery of the hydrogen produced. the complete installation was built into a single container which was placed on the EnTranCe site in Groningen. The container makes it possible, thanks to the safety features, to deliver fully autonomous hydrogen to the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The amount of energy produced and supplied hydrogen as well as the water consumption are continuously monitored and all measurement data are stored locally. The entire installation can also be monitored remotely.

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